Winter Storm

Life has a funny way twisting things around sometimes... A couple of weekends ago, Turner and I had plans to teach at a pool session on Long Island, and to visit with his son and daughter-in-law while we were there. The next day Turner would head home to Maine and cover our Maine pool session. I planned on staying on in CT to visit with my family. Every year my Dad, at Christmas, gives my sisters and I a gift certificate to a Spa, and that Sunday this was to be our annual Spa outing. On Monday thru Thursday I had volunteered to help out a friend who owns a Chocolate shoppe, Cocoa Shak, during the busy Valentines Day rush. Then came news of Nemo, that before long morphed to Blizzard Charlotte, and whoosh!!!, overnight, plans started to change! The Long Island Pool session got postponed, the Spa date punched forward a couple months! To get ahead of the storm I left for Connecticut early on Thursday, hoping that in addition to my work obligations I could go snowboarding with my son and family. The weather folks were predicting 3 feet of snow for the area, which didn't sound possible, but not a warning to take lightly! So far so good! Friday it began to snow, by the afternoon we had a couple inches, and we went for a quick cross country ski. Before getting home the wind had picked up, and it started to snow with abandon.


We woke to the most amazing mounds of snow! Winter wonderland! I couldn't wait to go snowboarding! The best, most fluffy powder! This is going to be unbelievable! But first we have to get out of of the driveway!


The snow was up the the windows of the truck, almost 4 feet!  My sister's mini van was almost completely covered! The street hadn't yet been plowed, but I was sure they would come soon, as my sister lives just outside of the downtown area in a small city. A friend had plans to come over and snowblow us out. So I shoveled the walkways in the front and back. I came in for breakfast and decided to help my sister with some home improvement projects while we waited for the plows and snowblowers. Checked the local mountain website, they were hoping to open at noon. Fingers crossed that we would be there, too. Painting..., wallpapering..., still no plows...humph. The day went on and we got a lot done! Checked the news, there was still a standing State of Emergency and the plows were getting stuck, and or breaking down! Didn't look like we were getting to the mountain today! I checked their website again at night, they weren't able to open on Saturday, but they were opening Sunday morning and were only grooming the bunny slope. Surely the plows would come overnight! I would just get up early and shovel more in case our friend couldn't get here early enough for us to get to the slopes. By 6am, I was outside shoveling with determination!


My sister got up and was getting the kids breakfast, when she called out the door around 9am, "Forget the driveway, its going to rain tomorrow we have to shovel the porch roof!" Right! This fluffy stuff could get real heavy fast! just yesterday, her neighbors older barn had just collapsed.


So I trucked thru the house with shovel in hand. Our original plan was for each of us to tackle a roof. Then we thought better of it! "Just so we don't both die while doing this, maybe we ought to work together!", she said, laughing... That's just what I was thinking too! Funny how sisters are like that, it must have been the third time this weekend that I thought something as she said it! We decided to tackle the steeper of the two roofs. After determining that there was only one pair of Yak Traks in the house, we gingerly inched our way out onto the porch roof with one on our down side foot!


We shimmied along the roof line, stopping to admire Blizzard Charlotte's magical transformation! We worked our way to the lip, shoveling the snow off the roof. Mixed with fits of laughter, we envisioned sliding off the roof into the massive snow banks we were creating, which of course were landing directly onto the sidewalk I had shoveled the day before! Phooey!

Getting back into the house suddenly became a lot trickier! Without the mounds of snow to anchor us and the brilliant sunshine making the roof a bit slimy... Off to front roof, the piles that had drifted against the window were impressive. along with the growing icicles. This roof wasn't as steep so we did a somewhat better job of not landing too much of it onto the front walkway! Meanwhile, it was almost lunchtime and there is no sign of a plow. And that friend with the snowblower, he got called into work. Shite!

Things were starting to look grim. My sister hailed down a neighbor with a snowblower and he helped do a the bulk of the remaining snow on the driveway. But no plow in sight. He heard it might not come for days.



We saw a Payloader on a neighboring street but didn't show any signs of stopping on ours. Slowly the day was winding down, we shoveled porches and walks. Noah and I piled up a big mound of snow and dug an igloo. He called it Noah's arc! Christina shoveled off the hottub and jumped in. As the day was coming to a close, Noah and I went for a cross country ski down our unplowed street, by the car that got stuck in the center of the road, abandoned in the storm. It was really fun to see him enjoying a different aspect of skiing instead of lifts. He took to it fast and really enjoyed it! As we are coming back it is dark, we see lights at the end of the street! A Payloader is inching its way onto the street! YES! After a bit it was working its way around the abandoned car! YES! They are coming! But it is 7pm!


Too late to get to the mountain! By 10pm the Payloader and a plow had come and gone, and left a mountain of thick heavy snow blocking the drive. UGH! More shoveling but it can wait until the morning. Disappointed that there was no time to play in the snow, but time for both us to go to work! NO snowboarding...all the fresh POW will be gone with the incoming rain the next day.

Each night during the storm, we had dedicated the last hour of the day to play a board game with the kids, and this evening it was 'Life'! I hadn't played since I was a kid. I decided this time around to go to college and buy an investment right off. I got a good career and both of my opponents opted for the non-college route and didn't buy investments. I raked in cash and had so many kids I had to have 2 cars to fit them all. Yikes! In the end, I retired with the most money, so I won. Wow, is that sending the wrong message?

In real life is that what is really important? Thinking back over the weekend, about digging the igloo, skiing on a city street watching Noah explore a new skill that he might have never tried otherwise, seeing the neighbors who usually just say, "Hi",and "Goodbye", coming together to help each other dig out... Even though I wasn't able to get to play in the fresh POW, I still felt pretty happy in my game of real life!

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