Winter Wanderings


The few months that we are home each year usually begin just before the onset of winter. And that brings changes in tempo and attitude.

Maine is cold and sometimes dreary this time of year and we seldom pick up paddles except to refinish them! Our boats grudgingly give way, some of them knowing they need the attention of a repairing hand…In their place, the long boards and poles of back county skiing and the interior world of whatever projects we can accomplish to push the barn forward another notch or two.

This past week, Cheri has a couple of friends up and has been skiing about the countryside.



Above, Cheri near the almost froze over Saco River.
Left, a photo of Marion Knox in front of a frozen waterfall. 

Cheri has also recently discovered her new favorite flat place to ski, the Brownfield Bog! The beauty of the frozen bog with its various inhabitants little footprints running willy nilly!  The bald eagle that watches over! Stunning!

birdhouse1.jpg tracks4.jpg


Turner has been climbing the hill in back of our house three or four times a week, getting dusted by the 60 plus mph winds at the top on days that have been near zero before the windchill!


He's also spent much of his time framing, wiring and rocking a bathroom and kitchen, and Cheri has just about finished the tape and mud. Nothing quite like mud dust to infiltrate everything! Next up, cabinets. Cherry of course ;-)

Paddles we've been asked to build over the course of the paddling season are coming along quite well at this point, evolving through careful selection from boards to blanks, each one particularly measured and cut.


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