Flat Earth Kayak Sails


When we were in Baja Mexico this very early January, (on vacation believe it or not!) we had some wonderful adventures weaving sailing into a 10-day kayaking trip.

Long story short, we have the good fortune of being, for several years, friends with one Ginni Callahan of Sea Kayak Baja Mexico fame. When we saw her in Georgia this past fall, we got serious about just going down there and seeing what its all about. I suspect it won't be the last time we go, now knowing a bit about all that we don't still know, and looking forward to learning more.


If you are looking for something to do during the Winter season in North America, particularly if you've never really liked the snow to begin with, you can't go wrong booking an adventure in Baja with Ginni. She and her staff are ever so helpful with supplying kayaking and camping kit and logistics.

You could start finding out more simply by checking out their website, Sea Kayak Baja Mexico, and begin to dream your future in that direction! 

Oh yeah, about the sailing... and the sails... One thing has led to another and we've decided to expand our repertoire... Ginni offered us an opportunity to join the Flat Earth Sails North America team, and it took me about an hour to say, "Why not?" followed by "Yes!"

After all, Australian Mick MacRobb, the head cook and bottle washer of Flat Earth Sails, has over the course of building and innovating these beauties, come up with quite a few practical solutions to sizing and rigging through rigorous building-testing-building-some-more and sheer inspiration!


And as often is the case, one thing leads to the next and then the next. We asked ourselves why don't we see more folks sailing their kayaks? Perhaps they just haven't experienced this layer yet?

It got us to thinking that we could be of help nudging this paradigm along, as Maine is in no short supply with regard to the presence of the wind... 

It wasn't too long before we had installed sails on some sea kayaks we'll be sail-paddling a bit of the Maine coast with in May. Cheri chose the Trade Wind 70, which stands for .7 meter square area, and I chose the TW80 because those are my initials and I need a little more sail area to have any chance keeping up with her!


We're are offering Flat Earth Sails in our online store, right now, so get your order in for spring and summer right now!... we'll also be offering demos, advice, tips, installations of same.

Each kayak asks a different question about how to adapt these beautiful rigs and we'll be here to help. Drop us a line if you need more information, or if you have an issue with the store, drop us a line at the e-mail address at the bottom of the page.

We're currently trying to solve a shipping issue in the store. The shipping for these items because of their size, is 25 USD if you are in the Northeastern USA. We'll sort this out ASAP so that the ordering process goes smoothly!


So if Spring is ripping your head off to try something new and you can't wait, just do it, and we'll help you get going, a-sailing!