Reed Chillcheater Aquafleece Pre Bent Trousers


Aquatherm Fleece Pre-Bent Trousers are waterproof, 3mm fleece-lined, lightweight and shaped for kayaking.
"These pants are Great!  We both prefer these over a wetsuit.  The Aquafleece material is far superior for warmth and comfort compared to neoprene.  They dry fast, and it does feel cold when you have to put them on wet!"  Cheri
Product Details
Made from our latest Aquatherm Fleece fabric. These shaped long trousers are designed to keep you warm. Developed for use in colder conditions. The trousers are constructed with pre-bent seat and waist. Fit best when sat of kneeling for paddling. But also comfortable when standing.  Maximum stretch direction across the front and up the back panels ensures a snug fit during movement.

Unisex Sizing Guide
S Waist 25"-28" Hip 31"-34" Inside Leg 29”
M Waist 28"-31" Hip 34"-37" Inside Leg 29”
L Waist 31"-34" Hip 37"-40" Inside Leg 31"
XL Waist 34"-37" Hip 40"-42" Inside Leg 31"
XXL Waist 37"-40" Hip 42"-44" Inside Leg 31"
XXXL Waist 40"-44" Hip 44"-46" Inside Leg 31"

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