Reed Chillcheater Keyhole Tuiliq


The Reed Chillcheater Keyhole Tuiliq

This tuiliq is like having a paddle jacket, spray skirt and hood all rolled into one!

"I took my new tuiliq to the ocean this weekend (also wearing a PFD).
Wow! I can move so much more freely in the cockpit! I can do a balance brace almost without thinking, which has mostly escaped me with just a PFD. I had so much flotation I had to work to get around in a standard roll (guess who isn't tucking enough?). I can't wait to do an actual rolling workout now! Tuiliqs rule!" Charles C

Made of Chillcheater® Aquatherm fabric, this tuiliq provides a thermal barrier similar to a traditional wetsuit. In comparison to Neoprene, it is lighter, more flexible and easier to get on and off. The smooth polyurethane outer surface easily sheds water, minimizing the effects of windchill. The matte black finish also maximizes heat absorption from the sun and coupled with your body heat, it maintains a thin layer of warm water between your skin and the fabric. Ultra lightweight and fast drying, it packs compactly for traveling and is more flexible than a traditional wetsuit. The stretchy and tough fabric is 20 times more abrasion-resistant than neoprene.  Click on photo to see other views.

When you order this item you will receive a confirmation email with a measurement form since all tuiliqs are custom made to fit you!

Note: All Reed products are shipped directly from Reed in UK to your door.  The shipping fee is a flat fee of $36 no matter how many items you order.