Reed Chillcheater Ocean Cockpit Tuiliq


NEW tent-style body tube tuiliq with front cinch adjustor for Ocean size cockpits only 

"This is one of our favorite products!  We helped modify the new design and are very happy with it.  The lightweight fabric, feels easy on the body combined with its quick drying attributes, and it compactness makes it an easy choice."  Cheri

Product details
The garment differs from tradition in that it is made from Aquatherm fabric and constructed with stitched and waterproof, heat-welded seams giving optimum watertight cuff, neck and hood seals. face closure system. Aquatherm creates a thermal, waterproof, flexible / stretchy, lightweight membrane allowing you to maximize mobility without restriction. Room enough to put extra fleece layers or a drysuit on underneath.

When you order this item you will receive a confirmation email with a measurement form since all tuiliqs are custom made to fit you!

Note: All Reed products are shipped directly from Reed in UK to your door.  The shipping fee is a flat fee of $36 no matter how many items you order.